"The wound is the place where the light enters you"

Integrative Depth Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback in Santa Rosa

We all have the potential to lead a fulfilling life. Difficult challenges may keep us from reaching that potential though, and we can find ourselves stuck in repetitive cycles of suffering.

I am a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist in Santa Rosa and run a group practice where we offer individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, and neurofeedback, all focused on the alleviation of symptoms through inner transformation. With close attention to the unresolved emotional pain and nervous system dysregulation that drive symptoms, my associate therapists and I help clients create a more satisfying way of living, while finding the transformative potential that life's difficulties often carry.

We have particular expertise in individual psychotherapy and couples counseling with adults for the following concerns:

In addition to the psychotherapy services that my associate therapists and I provide, I offer Neurofeedback to children, adolescents, and adults for the the following concerns:

For more information on the client's neurofeedback experience, read this testimonial.

Based on years of training and experience, and my enduring belief in the psyche's restorative capacity, I have developed an effective approach that integrates time-tested, evidence-based, and cutting-edge methods that help you resolve the patterns that keep you stuck, cultivate self-acceptance and meaning, reconnect with lost parts of yourself, and overcome painful symptoms. I offer a safe, confidential space in which you learn the skills you need to loosen the grip of old wounds and uncover the possibility of the life you envision.

Associate therapists (i.e., interns and psychological assistants) under my direct supervision also provide individual psychotherapy and couples counseling to clients focused on the same clinical issues and drawing from the same set of approaches.

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"It is hard to put into words what I gained from therapy. When I came into therapy, I was struggling so much that I thought I needed to change and become someone else. Dr. Sil Machado helped me to realize that I had been living as someone else, and was not being myself - that was the problem. Psychotherapy brought me back to myself and words can't describe how grateful I am."

-Former Client