Articles by Dr. Machado

Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback in Petaluma

Fire-Related Trauma
The impact of fire-related trauma and how neurofeedback can help

Parts Work Therapy
What is multiplicity?

Neurofeedback for PTSD & Trauma
See how neurofeedback can help with PTSD symptoms.

Sandplay's Deep & Containing Work
Sandplay provides access to one's inner life in a containing way...

The EMDR Therapy Process
What does the process of EMDR therapy look like?

Medicare Psychotherapy Santa Rosa
Notice to Medicare Beneficiaries about Medicare...

Neurofeedback in Context
What is neurofeedback and how can it help?

Neurofeedback for PTSD & Traumatic Stress
Learn about High Performance Neurofeedback for PTSD .

Neurofeedback for Teens
How can neurofeedback help my teen?

Neurofeedback - A Relationship Tool?
How can neurofeedback help me with my relationship problems?

Feeling & Dealing While Relating
The importance of feeling and doing while staying connected...

Attending to Grief in the Fall & Winter
How to attend to grief during the dark time of the year.

Counseling for Transgender Individuals
The process of gender identity developmetn and how therapy can help.

The Tasks of Mourning
What are the tasks of mourning and how do they help the bereaved?

The Dangers of the Polarized Mind
How does polarization in the mind exacerbate suffering?

What is Integrative Depth Psychotherapy?
What are the central principles of Integrative Depth Psychotherapy?

Shame and Symptoms
What is the relationship between shame and mental health symptoms?

The Importance of Emotion
What is the relevance of emotion in psychotherapy?

What Is Sandplay Therapy?
What is Jungian sandplay therapy and how does it work?

Mindfulness: Cultivating Non-Judgmental Awareness
What is mindfulness and how can it help to alleviate suffering?

A Fundamental Question for Those in Early Recovery
A simple method that will help you to stay on the path during this important phase of your recovery.

Dimensions of Depression
What aspects of your life does depression affect?

Shame: Is There Something Wrong with Me?
What is shame and how is it affecting your life?