Carrying Anger Responsibly

Anger Management in Petaluma

Anger is an important emotion that lets you know that something you value (e.g., a need or want) is blocked in some way. Although anger is not inherently bad, how it is expressed is key. For a number of reasons related to upbringing, early socialization, trauma, or a mental health diagnosis, coping with and managing anger can be difficult.

In psychotherapy focused on anger management, you can learn the tools to help you with:

  • Explosive bouts of anger
  • Difficulty expressing your wants and needs
  • Improving self-assertiveness skills
  • Emotionally abusive behavior

I have found that Neurofeedback is also very helpful for individuals who want to learn to manage their anger. By training the nervous system directly, Neurofeedback helps clients feel less easily triggered into angry states.

If you are ready to begin to address some of these issues, please contact me to schedule an appointment.