Fees & Insurance

Neurofeedback & Psychotherapy in Petaluma, CA


Please contact me for information about fees for psychotherapy and neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback can be offered in conjunction with psychotherapy, when I have openings for psychotherapy, or as a stand-alone service.
Neurofeedback as a stand-alone service is not covered by the insurance providers for whom I am an in-network provider (with the exception of Blue Shield).

Sliding Scale:

If you need a sliding scale, a reduced fee for psychotherapy services is available with one of the highly qualified associate therapists (i.e., associate marriage and family therapists, psychological assistants) I supervise.


All fees, including insurance copays, are due at the time of service. Missed appointments or appointments canceled with less than 72-hours notice will be charged at full price.

Payment Options: Cash, check, and credit cards (only if necessary).


If you have questions regarding using your insurance benefits for psychotherapy, please contact me for more information.

I am currently an "in network" provider for the following insurance panels:

    • Medicare
    • Beacon (Medi-Cal Partnership Health Plan)
    • Blue Shield and Blue Cross/Blue Shield (not Anthem)
    • Magellan Health Services (including Western Health Advantage)
    • Aetna
    • Kaiser/Beacon Health Options

My associate therapists are able to see clients with Beacon (Medi-Cal Partnership Health Plan).

"Out-of-Network" Insurance Benefits

Some insurance plans cover psychotherapy or neurofeedback services for "out-of-network" providers. Please check with your insurance carrier to find out if this benefit is offered. If so, I will bill you for services and am happy to provide an invoice for you to submit for reimbursement.

Insurance & Neurofeedback

Like many other neurofeedback providers, I have encountered difficulties getting reimbursed by insurance carriers for neurofeedback, as most insurers do not cover it or only cover it for certain medical, not mental health conditions. For this reason, I do not usually bill insurance for neurofeedback services. In some cases, insurance can be billed for a portion of the neurofeedback visit, and the rest of the fee is billed to the client.

Note about Using Insurance

Psychotherapy services covered by your insurance carrier are subject to review by your carrier. Additionally, insurance carriers may limit your psychotherapy benefits to services that meet "medical necessity." If you would like to use your insurance benefit for psychotherapy, please contact your carrier for information about the extent of coverage (e.g., how many sessions are covered) and any copayments. For questions about using your insurance benefits, please contact me for more information.


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