Individual Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback in Petaluma

We offer psychotherapy in Santa Rosa in which you have a safe, confidential space to explore what is of most concern to you. We balance learning adaptive skills for dealing with the difficult symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, or other life challenges with a focus on approaching and resolving the underlying dynamics contributing to these difficulties. In this way, we help you to develop a meaningful relationship with yourself while moving toward the life you want.

Our approach to therapy varies depending on your needs. At times we may focus on skills such as diaphragmatic breathing or mindfulness. At other times, we may need to focus on helping you process unresolved emotions related to losses, grief, or trauma using EMDR or EFT Tapping. And still at other times, expressive arts, sandtray, dreamwork, or closely examining our relationship in the here-and-now may be most helpful. We have found that being flexible and tailoring our approach to each client's unique needs helps to produce the lasting change clients seek.

Dr. Machado sees clients for weekly sessions or longer intensive sessions. His associates provide weekly sessions.