Issues We Can Address

Clinical Issues

Clients often come to psychotherapy for help with symptoms associated with particular mental health issues. Although diagnosis plays an important role in psychotherapy and is required for insurance reimbursement, we look beyond your symptoms to understand what is of deepest concern to you. We understand your symptoms in the larger context of your past, present, and what you want for the future, while drawing on your innate strengths and resilience.

Clients also come to psychotherapy seeking support in resolving non-clinical, developmental life concerns, transitions, relationship issues, and shifts in identity. These concerns do not necessarily fit the clear-cut parameters of a particular diagnosis and do not, at their core, represent "pathology," but an innate drive toward health and wholeness.

These issues may also involve negotiating an unexpected and difficult stressor, such as physical illness or the loss of a relationship, or may involve optimizing areas of your life, such as creativity, work satisfaction, or finding meaning and fulfillment. Addressing these types of life concerns in therapy gives you the intentional space to look inward and attend to what is of most importance to you and, out of that, find a direction that suits your values and desires. Psychotherapy can provide the context for creative growth - where dreams can be explored and life's challenges can be met with curiosity.

There are many different kinds of life concerns we have helped our clients address over the years. Here is a partial non-exhaustive list that we might address depending on your unique needs.

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