Neurofeedback for Anxiety

Anxiety Therapy in Petaluma, CA

I signed up for a nine-week series of neurofeedback treatments with Dr. Machado because, after years of traditional talk therapy, I was still having difficulty utilizing the skills I had learned to manage my anxiety and the negative “thought loops” that were impacting my ability to start and finish projects, navigate social interactions and relationships, and set and attain realistic goals. I started noticing the results of the treatments right away, as my average daily levels of anxiety steadily decreased. I also noticed that when I was in situations in which my anxiety would normally spike – for example, working on a graduate school application - I was more easily able to notice and redirect the negative “thought loops” and head off the accompanying physical distress that would have derailed me prior to starting neurofeedback. It was as though I now had a buffer between myself and the triggering thought or feeling that gave me the space to calmly and thoughtfully use the tools I learned in therapy. Over the course of the series of treatments, I also began to feel a genuine sense of grace and ease, which allowed me to notice that I’d been pretty much white-knuckling it throughout most of my life. 

It has been more than a year since I completed the intensive, and in the interim I’ve returned for touch-up treatments that helped me get through a particularly stressful patch. The results have not only lasted, the benefits are accruing as I continue to develop more self-compassionate and helpful “thought loops” and, as a result, a greater sense of spaciousness. This has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself, and it continues to pay dividends!

Sil Machado, Ph.D. provides neurofeedback therapy in Santa Rosa for anxiety, concussion, and PTSD.