Neurofeedback for Children

Neurofeedback for Anxiety in Children in Petaluma, CA

Testimonial #1:

I would highly recommend Sil Machado for anyone considering  Neurofeedback.

We went to Sil because my 8 year old son was experiencing  intense anxiety and behavioral issues exaggerated by his ADHD and a recent trauma.

Prior to starting neurofeedback  our son was having anxiety about many situations. Nightimes were intense, often filled with tears, fear and the need for us to stay in his room until he fell asleep. He had anxiety about any new activity, trip or unknown. In addition, his ADHD was on hyperdrive and there was a lot of acting out, anger and overall lack of self control, despite being prescribed  medication.

After seeing Sil once a week for about a month we started to see a shift in the intensity and frequency of the anxiety and extreme behaviors. We continue weekly appts for ____ months seeing continued progress and relief of anxiety and extreme ADHD behaviors.  We completed our neurofeedback  with my sons anxiety virtually non existent and some typical ADHD behaviors tha were now easily managed by a very small/low dosage of medication.

We are so appreciative of Sil's work!

Testimonial #2:

I highly recommend Dr. Sil Machado, and the High Performance Neurofeedback (HPN) service he provides. I am the parent of two adopted children, each of whom arrived to my family with complex traumatic histories. Their ages upon joining our family were 5 and 10 years. Years of abuse and trauma affected their baseline moods, behaviors and ability to socially function, before I began to interact and love them.

I would like to describe their respective changes. My daughter (after 14 HPN sessions), now age 10, arrived with a high startle reflex (now gone), aggression that included homicidal behavior, causing her to be removed from FIVE previous families - as well as expelled from a group home she once lived in (now gone), an inability to focus and study so much that I believed she may have dyslexia (now reduced and manageable. She just received her first 100% on a math test, and an A in math on her report card!), and a several hours/even days recovery time following an emotional melt down (now gone).

My son (after 17 HPN sessions), now age 11, arrived with aggression that kept me from turning my back on him for years (significantly reduced. No more hurting the walls in our home, nor the inside of my car), an inability to overcome frustration when struggling and/or persistence was necessary, both in sports and schoolwork (he now writes reports with ease, and just signed up for the track team!), a recovery time of several hours/days following an emotional melt down (gone! Now he is able to recover within moments and allows hugs for comfort), and tantrums that were so highly aggressive that we had to clear the home of furniture and people until he was done (completely gone), and a sadness with lack of inner like/love that would cause any parent to have concern (now lighter, friendly, funny, and enjoyable).

The neurofeedback service, coupled with outside psychotherapy, as well as family therapy, therapeutic parenting and lots of patience have changed our family for the better, as well as re-sparked the hope necessary in parenting the children my husband and I have taken on.

Mostly, I feel safer now. My children are more lovable. Their baselines are more calm and free. Mine is too, because my energy responds to their energy! Thank you, Sil! We will recommend you to others. Keep doing the work you do!

Testimonial #3:

A good friend of mine recommended Dr. Machado for neurofeedback. My 13 year old deals with anxiety and it was getting worse as he started puberty.  I wanted to try a more holistic approach before looking at medication. Dr. Machado has a very gentle and respectful approach. Neurofeedback absolutely helped diminish his anxiety. I could also see that he was becoming more social, more engaging and more verbal. I’m extremely thankful!

Sil Machado, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist in Santa Rosa, specializing in neurofeedback for anxiety disorders in children, teens, and adults.