Psychotherapy, Counseling, & Neurofeedback in Petaluma

"I came to see Dr. Machado for neurofeedback after years of struggling with anxiety, insomnia, and 'brain fog' following a head injury. I knew in our first few minutes together that Dr. Machado was an incredibly sensitive, intuitive practitioner. After our first neurofeedback session, I felt different - immediate results! - I couldn't believe it. Over the course of about eight sessions, I felt like I was getting my life back. And as we continued, I kept feeling more and more like myself. People in my life are noticing the difference. It is so exciting and I am so grateful!"

-Former Neurofeedback Client

"Sil has an immense set of skills. My takeaway from sessions with Sil is I learned that communication is key to a successful and healthy relationship. It's a two-way street and is the building block of of a partnership. Sil's ability to consistently keep dialog moving in a comforting, reassuring manner is why I am finally able to freely communicate with my partner - something I lacked. He has opened a door for me that had been closed since childhood and I am deeply grateful to him for helping me to strengthen my relationship with my partner."

-Former Couples Client

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Machado over the last several years. His interaction and intervention with his clients have been inspiring. Dr. Machado creates a safe and calming environment for clients to connect with their inner struggles, and teaches them the skills they need to overcome often difficult and seemingly impossible obstacles. His approach has led to many success stories and created opportunities for clients to truly live a full and happy life."

-Jennifer Zapp, HIV Program Manager, West County Health Centers

"Dr. Sil is an excellent psychologist. He helped me with my anxiety and depression, which had become debilitating. I had seen many other therapists in the past, but never got to the "big issues" he helped me with. His office is comfortable and conveniently located. I'd recommend him highly."

-Former Client

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Machado for the past few years and have found him to be a compassionate and skillful provider. He brings to his work extensive, up to date clinical knowledge, a thoughtful, welcoming and insightful stance, and a deep commitment to providing a strength-based, holistic approach to healing. This enables his patients to find a safe haven in which to explore and work with issues that may create barriers to their personal growth, relationships with others and ability to live full satisfying lives."

-Marian Pena, LCSW

"Sil is a gifted therapist - there is no other way to put it. His wisdom is far reaching, yet he is sensitive in how he offers insightful feedback. He helped me to look inward so that I could heal deep-seated shame and turn my life around. It is difficult to articulate what it was about our work together that was healing for me, but I feel it was definitely something in the space we co-created together that allowed my own health to unfold."

-Former Client

"It was my good fortune and pleasure to work closely with Dr. Sil Machado for much of the past decade. During that time, I was able to experience firsthand his work with clients, as we created and co-led a group for patients experiencing mood disorders. In addition, we shared many clients in common, all of whom would tell me how much they appreciated and valued the work they were doing with Sil. What struck me most about Sil's approach to the practice of psychotherapy is how easily he integrated all of his education and experience so organically, so that he met each person wherever they were emotionally, no matter that person's life experience, recent trauma, or other circumstance."

-Michelle Davey, DO

"It is hard to put into words what I gained from therapy. When I came into therapy, I was struggling so much that I thought I needed to change and become someone else. Dr. Sil Machado helped me to realize that I had been living as someone else, and was not being myself - that was the problem. Psychotherapy brought me back to myself and words can't describe how grateful I am."

-Former Client