Traumatic Stress & PTSD

Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback for Trauma and PTSD in Petaluma

Trauma , in the most common use of the word, occurs when one experiences a sense of powerlessness while confronted with an experience that involves actual or threatened death or physical injury. Indigenous people often refer to the experience of trauma as "soul loss." Traumatic events are so disturbing they overwhelm the individual’s ability to cope and result in a cluster of symptoms, including:

  • Re-experiencing the event during intrusive memories or nightmares.
  • Emotional numbing, avoidance of triggers associated with the event, and/or a pervasive sense of disconnection from oneself, others, and one’s life.
  • Increased physiological arousal and startle response resulting in sleep problems, angry outbursts, and other disruptive behavior.

Relational, or cumulative trauma is another form of trauma that occurs in the context of relationships involving verbal, physical, or emotional mistreatment. Although relational trauma can lead to the above symptoms, it often results in troubling and life-limiting patterns of behavior and interpersonal habits based on fear and self-protection.

Approaches I have found very helpful for clients struggling with the effects of trauma include EMDR , EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, relational psychotherapy, expressive arts, CBT, DBT, HPN neurofeedback , Jungian sandtray, and mindfulness-based therapies.

If you are ready to begin to address some of these issues, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

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